History of Jorda


Not much is known about the history of this world, for little has survived from before the Era of the King and the razing of Dannmos’ capital a hundred years ago. What is known comes from Dannmos’ surviving libraries and memories from the “man” himself, though much of it is fragmented.

Of course, Cardith Lorda, the Immortal King, certainly knows more of the world, but he never speaks of his past – none know his background, but his faith for the City and it’s inhabitants is unwavering and unending.

Maps of various locations are available here.

Timeline (Recommend reading from oldest to most recent):

Year 893: Present Day. Population of The City proper approaches approximately two million, with up to seven million more in the surrounding holdings. Undead uprisings swell against the southern extent of the Elven Courts; forts are razed, and villages burned. Party accepts assignment from Decius to go and investigate, assist.

Year 892: Cause of orc uprising found to be Hafgan, who was dealt with by the party. Confronted Bhall, and she was killed by a being that can only be D’tesh. A wall of fire, far to the southern deserts below territory controlled be the Elven Courts, ceases to exist.

Year 890: Orcs begin attacking in small bands and scouting parties once more.

[Year 888: Current year of the Chateau Party]

Year 872: Village of Fyr burned, and Theren Vaeronell joins the Sentinels of the Twilight. Elves open up again to The Kingdom, minor trade and communications begin again.

[Year 868: Lynbjørn Bjørnstjerna born]

Year 864: Casin Loveless born to Mordmorgan; she takes command of the naval forces at the age of 14, showing extreme tactical brilliance.

Year 860: Ambassadors to the Orcs return as charred husks. Attempts at communication cease. Theren Vaeronell born in Fyr, south-east of the Elven Courts, same year.

[Year 856: Silvia Pallas born in to summer court elf and human parents]

Year 859: Decius takes control of The Cities military from previous commander, and cracks down on corruption.

Year 855: Last direct contact with Bhall, according to Sheelba.

Year 852: A mysterious orb appears in the Mage’s Tower while Seleman Rerednaw is a student there. It’s nature is unknown, but he knows it was destroyed immediately by the senior wizards there.

Year 845: Jonas Endain claims victory as the singular leader of the Orcs, and halts operations against The City. Bhall reveals herself to the Orcish population.

[Year 844: Eramil banished from the Winter Court and all its holdings for spying]

Year 840: Flauros takes over position after the assassination of the previous merchant lord. Orcish influence suspected due to a delegation that arrived just before the incident.

[Year 813: Eramil Perdhel born into the Elven courts]

Year 812: Winter court coup; human delegations slaughtered, Elven court closes off as the Winter Court solidifies rule.

Year 792: Raphael born into Winter court family.

Year 784: Dragon attack from the Eastern mountains, damage to agricultural lands. Famine mitigated by massive coordination from other holdings, even minor support from the Elven lands.

Year 731: First successful siege of the City by Orcish bandits, extensive damage to Dannmos’ libraries. Several have come close since, but not to the same extent. Presumably used information gained from a captured trade caravan.

Year 727: Deirdra successfully makes it to and back from the Dwarven Republic, breaking the stronghold the Wizard’s Tower had on trade and beginning normal relations between The Kingdom and Dwarves.

Year 722: Seleman Rerednaw born into a family of Summer Court Elves, but abandoned and raised by those in the Winter Court, before migrating to the Wizard’s Tower through several trade caravans.

Year 703: Elves bring message flare magical technology, allowing for slow and rough communication between empires. Trade becomes economically viable, through large expeditions only. Cardith sends expeditions in all directions – thus begins the great age of explorers.

Year 656: News reaches of the solidification of Orcish bands into clans, far south-east from the City. Largest continual external threat (besides nominal indigenous megafauna and the like).

Year 598: Elf emissary of the Summer Court arrives from the south west, begins a slow influx of Elves to The City. Elves ruled by the Summer Court.

Year 500: Population of The City reaches ~1,000,000.

Year 300: Population of The City reaches ~100,000.

Year 146: Settled population of The City reaches ~20,000 after destruction from the Overlord Conflict.

Year 100: Overlord Conflict. Attempting to halt Overlords worshipping causes the awakening of Hemah. The resulting conflict kills between 70% and 90% of the permanent population of The City before it ends, as well as flattening most improvements- only direct intervention and revelation of Ethne the White prevents the flat-out destruction of the entire city. She has yet to interfere again.

Year 46: First separation of The City and surrounding lands into districts, each governed by a Lord directly responsible for their own portion of running the Kingdom.

Year 2: Dannmos dies from wounds suffered in the wars, but soul kept in a magical artifact. Still “alive” today, in the form of a crystal ball.

Year 0: End of Reunification Wars. Cardith Lorda creates the bones of what will grow into the Great City from the Dural tribe, setting rules to worship Empyrean and outlaw necromancy.

Year -27: First recorded appearance of Cardith, organizing and leading armies of men against the Chilsev. Cardith’s origin is completely unknown.

Year -60: Dannmos born into the Dural Tribe of the Chilsev (small bands of nomadic humans occupying the land). Grows into their leader by year -40.

Year ~ -2500: Last evidence of Dwarven civilization inhabiting the local region. Reasons for their seemingly sudden departure are unknown, though many of their tunnels still exist running beneath the ground. Conflict with another unknown group is suspected due to the extensive damage of nearly all their ruins.

Year ~ -4000: Arrival of Dwarves to the local region, according to remaining records from the Tablets of Brambur.

History of Jorda

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