The root of all magical energy comes from the same source, namely, lines of pure magic present in nearly all things. Whether rock, tree, animal, living being, floating thinly through the air or concentrated in clouds, magic is ubiquitous – enchanted items are simply ones that have had these lines of magic imbued into them, which recharge themselves automatically from the world around them. However, magic is not easily accessed, only available through a few methods.



- First, sorcerers possess the unique ability to intuitively control magical energies. Note that this ability is possessed by their bloodline; any child born to one or more sorcerer parents will also become a sorcerer. However, due to the rather chaotic and undoubtedly dangerous nature of this power, not only are sorcerers often persecuted, but also rarely survive to childbearing age. They make up about 0.01% of The City’s population.

- Next, wizards are those that study the fine arts of magic; they seek to understand how spells actually work, a stupidly hard process, but up to anyone with the requisite intelligence. They have the ability to learn the spells of static traps and other classes (except for sorcerers, who don’t know themselves how magic works).

- Last, religious figures, namely clerics and druids, use magic by praying to various gods to cast spells on the caster’s behalf. The list of major religions can be found here.

What this means:

  1. Sorcerers have more mana, meaning they can cast truly dizzying amounts of lower level spells.
  2. Wizards have great variety in spells, with massive utility and combinations of varied spells across levels.
  3. Clerics gain utility and support, while retaining physical abilities as well.
  4. All spellcasters are limited in their casting by a mana pool system, instead of limited casts per spell per day.
  5. Magical abilities actually can vary per location. Some old ruins may have high magical areas, in which extremely strong magical currents run through the environment, sometimes even detectable by those without formal training in magical systems. In these locations, spellcasters can easily draw power, which in turn decreases the cost or increases power of spells; one of these areas exists under the player-owned Citadel. Conversely, occasionally dead magical areas exist, where many spells become harder to cast, or become weaker in strength.
  6. Lastly, due to the magical density in this world, spells generally do not work over long distances. Any spell that by vanilla rules has an unlimited range instead has a range of “extreme”, equal to 5km + 1km/level. One more range class exists, “ultra”, which is reserved for the Message Flare spell used to communicate between different kingdoms.


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