Mana Pool

Pending based on Playtest Results:
Result: Inbalanced, decidedly in favor of clerics. Possibly doable if clerics only know a limited number of spells (such an implementation can be found online), but was not tested.


Altered Magic System

Instead of having to prepare spells in advance every day and them being one-offs, instead a mana pool is used for all magic-based classes. Spells can be cast according to their mana cost (see below) until the pool is depleted, and spells can be duplicated (with a limit of caster level per hour per location). Lastly, the mana pool will recharge with 8 hours of cumulative rest, plus one hour per interruption.

Mana Costs

Spell costs follow powers of 2.
Lv 0 spell: 0.5 mana cost (so cast ’em two at a time, basically)
Lv 1 spell: 1 mana cost
Lv 2: 2
Lv 3: 4
Lv 4: 8
Lv 5: 16
Lv 6: 32
Lv 7: 64
Lv 8: 128
Lv 9: 256

For balance, the mana pool is decreased by 75%. For example:

A 6th level wizard (ignoring bonus spells) could cast 3 first, 3 second, and 2 third level spells, so their pool size would be:

(3/4) * [(3*1) + (3*2) + (2*4)] = 12.75 = 13 mana available.

So, for example, they could cast:

Three level 3 spells and a level 1 spell.
Two level 3 spells, two level 2 spells, and 1 level 1 spell.
Thirteen(!) level 1 spells. Think of how many times you could set your hands on fire with that! Remember that in this example you’re limited to 6 casts per hour per encounter location, but this is likely a non-issue in most situations.

School Specialization / Domain Spells

Spells from school specialization and domain spells fall into a separate, specialized pool for that type, and the size is 100% of the mana cost of all spells per day that would be allowed by the old rules.

Mana Pool

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