Lawful Neutral Chaotic
Good Runes of Kilmorph Empyrean
Neutral Order of Junil Council of Esus, Sacred Fire Fellowship of Leaves
Evil Octopus Overlords

Dominant Religions in The Kingdom, in order of followers:

Empyrean (Neutral Good) (Air School)

  • “Enlightenment is the wisdom to forgive those who have transgressed, show mercy to those who have earned it, and reach an understanding between Men and this World”
  • Deity: Ethne (Inactive)
  • Religious language: Hyperuranion
  • Founded by Cardith, along with The City.

Octopus Overlords (Chaotic Evil) (Water School)

  • “Enlightenment is to see the world, not covered in all the little lies men tell themselves in order to preserve their precious ‘sanity,’ but as it truly is.”
  • Deity: The Overlords (Active)
  • Religious language: R’lyehian
  • As a result of the Overlords conflict, the Octopus Overlords religion is still tolerated, in certain coastal cities.
  • Temples may be found in Casin’s holdings, though not in The City.
  • Unknown how old it is – was never widely practiced, even during the previous age.

Council of Esus (Neutral Neutral) (Illusion School)

  • “Enlightenment is the knowledge of all the wonderful little dark nooks and crannies in men’s hearts… including, of course, your own.”
  • Deity: Esus (Active)
  • Religious language: ?
  • Esus is a little more unique of a religion, in that it centers purely around secrecy and corruption. Most commoners never know it exists, but almost all know of that guard who you can bribe – the corrupt guard, wealthy merchant, figure wearing black in the back of the pub who’ll buy anything, these all have one thing in common. Esus.
  • Esus has no temples or open followers, but can be found anywhere money flows.

Runes of Kilmorph (Lawful Good) (Earth School)

  • “Enlightenment is to follow the virtues of the Earthmother: hard work, diligence, and perseverance.”
  • Deity: Kilmorph (Inactive)
  • Religious language: Khazad
  • In the Kingdom, it is currently worshiped most in Dannmos territory, and outside it, by the Dwarven Republic.
  • Originated with the Khazad, but it has succeeded to the Luchuirp Dwarven civilization in the north

Fellowship of the Leaves (Chaotic Neutral) (Transmutation School)

  • “Enlightenment is to see the world as it is, and accept both its glories and terrors as equally necessary.”
  • Deity: Sucellus (Inactive)
  • Religious language: Entish
  • In the Kingdom, mostly worshipped in small sections in Goodreau’s territory, and outside it, by the Elven Queendom.
  • Of similar age to Runes of Kilimorph, lasting at least since the previous age, if not longer.

Outside the Kingdom:

Order (Lawful Neutral) (Abjuration School)

  • “Enlightenment is the strength needed to do what must be done, no matter the cost to yourself.”
  • Deity: Junil (Active)
  • Religious language: Angelic
  • Mostly held by certain individuals of strong will, and fallen clerics.
  • The Order dedicates itself to stamping out Evil wherever it may be.

Sacred Flame (Neutral Neutral) (Fire School)

  • “Enlightenment is to serve Bhall in all her glory, to control the fine line between a sacred flame and raging inferno.”
  • Deity: Was Bhall, now possibly Sheelba
  • Religious language: Ignan
  • Dominant religion in the Orcish clans – the party does not know too much about this go or her worshipers…

Gods of each Domain

Each elemental domain has a major God; these tend to be the strongest, most human-like, and have dominant religions. These gods are the most active in the world, although many more smaller gods exist…


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